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Maximizing the Value of Business Rules

Decision Management streamlines and focuses business rules projects for faster, more effective deployment.

Components of a BRMS

Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS) deliver on the promise of costs savings, agility and happy customers. Yet for many organizations, these efforts remain point solutions. Decision Management is a proven framework to drive the widespread adoption of business rules and improved business performance across the company.

A typical first BRMS implementation starts by capturing their rules. Typically they interview experts, read policy manuals and reverse engineer code into rules. Almost always, but especially when they reverse engineer code, they end up with a lot of fairly low-level rules. In one, big, bucket.

This big bucket of rules is not usable, not very re-usable, and difficult to maintain. As policies or regulations change, or as new business needs are identified, the team often struggles to update the right business rules.

Decision Management resolves these issues. A BRMS generates a positive ROI when it improves business performance – the operational decisions that drive every single transaction.  Decision Management simplifies business rules design and implementation while accelerating adoption of a BRMS where it has the highest impact.

Maximizing the Value of Business Rules - whitepaper

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