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White Paper of the Week: The Case for Centralized Customer Decisioning

by | Aug 31, 2014 | Decision Management

Centralized Customer Whitepaper sliderThis week’s white paper is an oldie but goodie – The Case for Centralized Customer Decisioning

An Imperative for Every Channel, Every Interaction

Marketing understands customers better than any other single group, and should own customer treatment decisions.As marketers strive for a genuine dialogue with their customers, an interactive and personalized experience that builds brand and develops relationships, they must identify critical customer treatment decisions. In particular, they must look for opportunities to make decisions customer-by-customer. This paper discusses the drivers for centralized customer decisioning, the role of the marketing department and the technologies required. Originally sponsored by Unica (now IBM) and revised August 2014.

You can register for and download the paper here.

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