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Streamline Reporting for Better Data-Driven Decisions

Everyone wants to make better data-driven decisions. Many companies are using reporting to support decision making but their ability to do so is bogged down. There are too many reports, resources are committed to existing reports and the link from reports to decision making is not well understood.

A simple decision model, easily understandable to business and IT, makes it clear which reports are relevant, which are redundant and what is missing. The decision model also clarifies where analytics could be included to further improve decision making, what data is relevant and what data storage is appropriate (data warehouse,data lake, etc).

From BI to Analytics – Reporting to Predictions to Recommendations

Dashboards are decision support systems, but paradoxically, their design does not usually consider decisions explicitly. Most designs are driven by user interface and information visualization requirements and by the underlying data models.

A decision-centric dashboard provides a logical structure for going beyond information presentation to predictions and recommendations so users can progress from “what happened?” to “what can happen?” and on to “what action can be taken?”

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Beginning with a decision model saves time and money. We are experts in decision modeling and we leverage this expertise to streamline the complete report consolidation effort. Our team has experience with a wide range of BI and data platforms (including Hadoop, Pentaho, MicroStrategy, QlikView, SAP BOBJ, Tableau and others). Contact us to discuss your project today.