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What Are Operational Decisions?

by | Nov 30, 2015 | Decision Management

What Are Operational Decisions


One of the main advantages of employing Decision Management Systems is that organizations are able to make decisions using the kind of business logic that employees would apply, but without any human intervention. Decision Management Systems excel at automating and managing these repeatable decisions.

What Are Operational Decisions?

The most common type of repeatable decision is the operational decision. These involve the daily business decisions that are done in high-volume by every business. When a customer contacts your business, places an order, or does any form of interaction, it involves operational decisions.

This type of decision is essential to every organization, no matter what size, because of how often they are made. When taken individually, their value isn’t as high as the other decisions because it usually involves a single transaction or customer. But when gathered, this data becomes extremely valuable. When you consider a decision that’s been made thousands of times a year, its value increases and often exceeds that of the other types of decisions.

It’s in the nature of operational decisions to be easily repeatable, because one of its primary characteristc is being consistent at following defined rules or guidelines.  Another characteristic is that these decisions should often be made as quickly as possible and sometimes they are made while clients are waiting. While these decisions are often made about customers, they can also involve suppliers, employees and products. Thanks to the Internet of Things, more and more physical objects are wired to the Internet, expanding both the amount of data and the number of operational decisions that can be managed and improved to increase business value.


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