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What is Decision Management?

Modern-day business operations are centered around processes and data. However, when knowledge and expertise are forced into hard-coded, inflexible systems, bottlenecks occur. By adopting and scaling the capabilities of business rules, decision modeling, and machine learning, Digital Decisioning leverages data and expertise to create business value, improve results, and deliver a great user experience to effectively meet today’s operational requirements. For Digital Decisioning to deliver true value, it must initially focus on solving business problems that will, ultimately, contribute to positive and desirable business outcomes. Technology, automation, and methodologies are essential for Digital Decisioning, but they are always at the service of business decisions. 

The foundation for successful Digital Decisioning projects is applying a Decision Management approach. Decision Management models business decisions first. These decisions, for the most part, have to do with customers and how you engage with them, deliver services to them, or handle their transactions.Once you have a good grasp of what decisions your business needs to make and how these decisions will advance your business, Decision Management shows which technology and analytics tools you need to invest in and how to integrate them. Finally, Decision Management focuses on the processes and infrastructure needed to ensure continuous improvement and business engagement. To maximize success, adopt a proven approach such as the DecisionsFirst™ approach from Decision Management Solutions.

“The study was well-designed and executed flawlessly. The reports were crisp, clear, and useful. We immediately have been able to apply the insights to our product development and marketing efforts.”

Laura Teller CMO

Opera Solutions

“Sponsoring the Decision Management Solutions’ Predictive Analytics in the Cloud research report and webinar was a great opportunity for Teradata. The survey results were very enlightening, and we especially enjoyed participating in the panel discussion during the webinar.”

Kim Dossey

Director of 3rd Party Influencer Program at Teradata

“In particular, the recent “Predictive Analytics in the Cloud” survey and white paper was an outstanding example of the high-level analysis you are able to deliver to an analytics vendor like us. As part of this study, we received significant leverage by being in the company of other leading industry vendors as well as being able to provide our product knowledge and customer experiences in the final white paper.”

Matt Redlon

CEO and co-founder Clario Analytics

“James has a deep, working knowledge of how business decisions are made within IT systems and business applications. His research and his experience is extremely valuable to any business that is seeking to improve the method and science behind making customer decisions. His work represents a critical insight to IT managers and business leaders to help implement both innovative and practical changes to decision systems over time. James also has a strong grasp of this subject matter across many industries. I would recommend James to any business that is seeking valuable insight and consulting to help them get more value from their customer decisions.”

David Proctor

Senior Director Product Management, Experian

“James and his team provided us with keen insights into decision management and decision sciences. James is by far the leading expert in these areas, crafting many of the industry conventions. He helped us describe how our application of decision sciences was consistent with industry best practice but also helped delineate the unique nuances of the healthcare market. It was a no-brainer for us to leverage James and his insights for this seminar series. His knowledge and credibility served as a baseline to cement the concepts. Hundreds of executives attended, resulting in millions of dollars in sales opportunities.”

 Chuck Eberl, VP Marketing, Silverlink Communications Inc.

“I am a long lasting fan of James’ research on Decision Management. I strongly believe that improving the decision making processes drives better business outcomes. I have asked James to come to Paris to share his knowledge with some of our customers. He did a great job, from strategic thinking to how-to’s and real life examples with quantifiable outcomes. Several people came to me and said they were inspired and got an “aha” experience on why mixing decision services with optimized processes is the way to go, to get their business (much) more competitive.”

Jean-Baptiste Dezard

EMEA Marketing Leader, AIM ILOG, Software Group, IBM

“James Taylor did a remarkable job as a speaker and moderator at our CIO Leadership Exchange in Barcelona. His expertise in the field of Business Analytics and Optimization was reflected in his concise remarks and the way he expertly facilitated the discussion with other leaders in the field. He is a joy to work with, and I highly endorse him for both his intellect and professional, personable style – on stage and off.”

Karla Bousquet

Director, Client Executive Marketing IBM

“I worked with James on the development of a product which produced applications from models. James created and designed the application development environment using in-depth knowledge of methodology and development practices. James was an outstanding co-worker who had the respect of everyone on his team. He was knowledgeable, creative, inventive, and an excellent communicator.

Tom Hadfield

VP of Technology, Harcourt Brace

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