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A client’s perspective: three keys to our decision management approach

by | Feb 5, 2018 | AI, Business Rules, Decision Management, Decision Modeling, Predictive Analytics

Recently one of our top Global 500 clients summarized the value of our Decision Management approach to building a digital business platform. It is such a good summary I decided to share it here on our blog. In their words, our Decision Management approach is:

  • Systematic
    We have a repeatable, documented, comprehensive, end-to-end approach that includes:

    • How we elicit requirements directly from subject matter experts
    • How we document those requirements as a DMN decision model
    • How we deploy working decision services using the right technology mix for each client
    • How we create an environment for continuous improvement with business owners reviewing decision outcomes, deciding what works and what does not, and being empowered to make business rules changes to improve business results.
  • Proven
    We have been working with this client over several projects in different domains in different countries, each with different levels of technical maturity. We have demonstrated an ability to deploy the right system – the one they need – quickly and cost-effectively. These projects have also proven that the business can own their decisioning, demonstrating engagement of the business throughout the lifecycle.
  • Dynamic
    Our approach effectively adapts to each business unit, focusing on their business approach. We listen to them, hear them and then implement what they need – both what they need now and what they need to improve it. Despite the speed with which we can implement things and how systematic our approach is, it’s not a one-size-fits-all cookie-cutter solution.

Here at Decision Management Solutions we pride ourselves on having a well-defined approach to decision management projects. Our decisions-first approach is a documented methodology that we continually refine based on real-world experience implementing decision management projects that improve our clients’ customers experience, claims handling, origination and more. Our well-defined approach and supporting decision modeling software ensure a rapid and efficient knowledge transfer so our clients quickly develop their internal decision management capability, too. All our materials are based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) industry standard (we are a co-submitter) so our clients have the flexibility they need to grow and adapt over time.

So if you are looking for a systematic, proven, dynamic approach to implementing decision management systems using business rules, predictive analytics, machine learning or AI – drop us a line.


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