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How to Succeed with AI – New Leading Practice Brief

by | Feb 27, 2018 | AI, Decision Automation, Decision Modeling, Digital Business

To succeed with AI, focus on decisions, not a separate initiative.

As companies invest in AI technologies, it is clear a technology-led approach does not work. To get business value from AI, companies should focus AI efforts on improving business decisions. A recent survey of executives adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) provides critical context for companies considering how best to invest in AI:

  • Few companies have made much progress to date — most are experimenting. You still have time to consider how best to invest in AI.
  • AI works best in companies that have already invested in digitizing their business as it enhances digital channels, digital decisions and digital processes.
  • While there is plenty of hype, AI works when it is implemented correctly.

Learn more in our new leading practices brief.  The brief lays out a clear, straightforward approach to succeeding with AI by leading with business decisions. It can be applied if you have not yet begun or to focus and reset efforts that aren’t making the progress you desire.

Click here to download the brief.


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