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This is a video of James speaking at IBM’s premier CIO event, “The CIO Leadership Exchange,” on the topic of analytics.

Thank you again for your participation and support of our CIO Leadership Exchange. Your session really created a buzz and was a wonderful way to end our Day 1. Your presentation was very well received – the perfect stage-setter for Bank of America and Lufthansa – and your facilitation of the conversation was really well done!

-Karla Bousquet Director, Client Executive Marketing, IBM

James is an experienced keynote presenter, speaking on analytics, decision management, business rules, and more. James is also experienced at speaking to non-native English speakers, as evidenced by his performance at an IBM event in Paris speaking to a French-speaking audience using French slides to match his live translation into French.

James has given keynotes at a number of other events, including the Business Rules Forum. In a Business Rules Forum keynote, given without slides, 60% of attendees gave it the highest rating they could overall, with more than 60% also giving it the highest score for relevance and speaker quality. Comments included:

  • Examples were great!
  • Great presentation. Thanks for focusing on the material and not PowerPoint slides.
  • Tremendous presentation. Very informative & kept everyone’s interest.
  • Great stories, great guidance and insights.

If you are interested in hiring James to speak at your event, please contact him directly