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Decision modeling is the cornerstone of a Digital Business Platform. Successful digital programs extend their Digital Business Platforms with three critical elements: decision modeling, advanced analytics and business rules technology. Coordinating these technologies into a virtual decision hub, Decision Management automates and improves every digital interaction and delivers agile, data-driven, real-time outcomes.

Decision Modeling enables the right mix of analytics, AI, rules, machine learning, optimization, decision support and decision automation in a single model. As the world moves beyond rigid programming logic to data-driven decision-making, decision modeling with DMN is critical to the future of your business.


Business Rules/BRMS Projects

Simplify business rules analysis and maintenance, sustain business engagement, improve traceability and impact analysis and extend rule coverage and re-use.

Decision Automation

Deploy a working decision automation pilot in just 8-10 weeks. Example application areas: Customer Next Best Action, Claims Handling, Credit Risk, Fraud Detection and Healthcare Clinical Guidelines.

Decision Support Systems

Developing systems that truly support data-driven decisions by focusing on the decision to be made not the data available.

Decision-Centric BI 

Going beyond information presentation to predictions and recommendations.

Machine Learning Value

Realize value from Machine Learning by developing a shared business understanding and deployment context for multi-functional data science teams and their business partners.

Academic Licensing

Decision modeling with DMN materials and collaborative software for academic programs.

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DecisionsFirst Modeler

Our repository-based modeling software is the most effective and efficient platform for decision modeling with DMN, DecisionsFirst Modeler.

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