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DECISIONSFIRST™ Consulting Services

With experienced DecisionsFirst consultants based in North America, India, and South Africa, we offer large enterprises tailored decision management and decision modeling engagements that typically include a combination of Consulting, Decision Modeling, and Training.

We also provide advisory services for decision management technology and application vendors.

Our DecisionsFirst Consulting Services offerings include:

Decision Automation Pilot

To demonstrate the business value of automating your decisions, we can deploy a working decision automation pilot – in the cloud or on-premise – in just 8-10 weeks using our DecisionsFirst approach. Example application areas include:  customer next best action, claims handling, underwriting, credit risk, fraud detection and healthcare clinical guidelines.

Decision Modeling with DMN

We have trained over 1,000 people in decision modeling and helped many organizations adopt the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard for decision modeling. Training, mentoring, consulting, and proof of approach development projects all use our proven DecisionsFirst approach.

Business Rules Management Adoption

For organizations adopting a Business Rules Management System, we can assist in selection, installation and configuration as well as training and support to apply best practice analysis and design techniques using our DecisionsFirst approach.

Analytics Center of Excellence

We can help you apply our proven DecisionsFirst approach to deliver shared business understanding and an effective deployment context for multi-functional data science teams and their business partners.

Data Science/Machine Learning/AI Integration

Our DecisionsFirst approach integrates advanced analytics, data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) into a single deployment framework. A working proof of approach is supported by training and proven techniques for business understanding, deployment and continuous improvement.

Business Rules Management Excellence

Business Rules Management system (BRMS) users can apply our DecisionsFirst approach to simplify business rules analysis and maintenance, sustain business engagement, improve traceability and impact analysis, and extend re-use.

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