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Real world examples of how modeling decisions with DMN has helped – a video

by | May 17, 2016 | Business Process, Decision Management, Decision Modeling, DMN

Real World Decision Modeling with DMNThe sixth and final in the series of short videos about Decision Modeling is focused on some real-world examples of the value of decision modeling. Jan Purchase and I developed these videos while working on a new book – Available now! – Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN:

Jan and I talk about some experiences we have had using decision modeling and DMN on projects. We discuss some specific benefits of decision modeling including:

  • It speeds up business rule discovery, quickly identifying mistakes and bad assumptions
  • Improved communication and consistency across teams
  • The increased engagement of subject matter experts, analysts and program managers
  • Better management of size, complexity and change
  • A clearer definition of the automation boundary
  • Improved tracability to external regulations

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