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Practical Tips from the Field on Process and Decision Analysis

by | Oct 30, 2014 | Business Re-Design, Decision Management, Decision Modeling

Gagan Saxena, VP Consulting & Principal Consultant, Decisions Management Solutions, writing on shares some practical tips from the field  on decision analysis and process analysis:

  • Decisions are a network or a hierarchy, not a flow
  • Businesses are more likely to change Stateless Decisions than Flow based Processes
  • Not every operation can be improved through Process Analysis

Gagan writes:

Process analysis will get us far in our pursuit of business efficiency, but not far enough in effectiveness – unless we evaluate the decisions our systems make and our people make as part of executing processes. And sometimes when we look at a complex part of our business through a process lens we may find that there is hardly any process there! All that complexity is because of a large ball of decision logic inside a very thin process shell. None of the usual process analysis tools can pierce too deep into this complexity and we need decision analysis to move further.

Read the complete article here.


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