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IBM Think 2023

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DecisionsFirst™ Business Automation

  • Dynamically automate, streamline and optimize your business

  • Systematically integrate predictive analytics and AI

  • Support and enable digital transformation 

Harness Data-driven Decision Making with Decision Management Solutions

DecisionsFirst Solutions
Enable enterprises to make more straight-through, data-driven decisions with advanced analytics, business rules and artificial intelligence (AI).

  • Insurance Claims Management
  • Insurance Next Best Offer
  • Insurance Data-Driven Decisions
  • DecisionsFirst Modeler

DecisionsFirst Services 
Help large companies transform their businesses with transparent, agile, customer-centric and data-driven decisions.

  • Consulting
  • Training & Workshops
  • Decision Modeling
  • Vendor Services

    See how a DecisionsFirst™ approach delivers value for organizations like yours
    by increasing team engagement and driving practical innovation.

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    Recognized Experts in Decision Management

    Decision Management Solutions was founded in 2009 and we are dedicated to improving decision management.

    Years of executive experience in Decision Management

    Fortune 100 clients

    People trained in Decision Management and decision modeling

    Global 500 clients

    Decisions improved to date

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