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New White Paper: Decision Modeling for Dashboard Projects

by | Nov 5, 2014 | Decision Management, Decision Modeling, Predictive Analytics

Decision Modeling for Dashboard Projects

If you missed today’s presentation by Gagan Saxena at BBC 2014, “Decision-Centric Dashboards with DMN”, download our new white paper “Decision Modeling for Dashboard Projects”.

Decision Requirements Modeling provides a formal framework to design dashboards that link explicit decision making to the knowledge required for them.

Dashboards are decision support systems but their design does not usually consider decisions. Most designs are driven by user interface and information visualization requirements and by the underlying data models. A dashboard design based on decision modeling provides a logical structure for going beyond information presentation to include predictions and recommendations so users can progress from ‘what happened?’ to ‘what can happen?’, and on to ‘what action can be taken?’

Click here to download the white paper.


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