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New article on Moving to Real-Time Decisions

by | May 8, 2014 | Decision Management

TDWI just published a new article of mine on Moving to Real-Time Decisions (it’s in a members-only newsletter so you will need to be registered to view).

When it comes to analytics, many organizations focus on using analytic insight to improve executive decision making. Yet there is often an even greater opportunity when using analytics to improve operational decision making. Operational decisions about a single customer or transaction are made by call centers, local staff, and automated systems. These decisions affect everything from fraud to customer satisfaction, from risk management to resource utilization. Although each decision has a localized impact, enterprises make so many of these decisions that the cumulative impact is enormous.

Operational decisions must be increasingly made in real time…

For more, TDWI members can check it out online. If this topic interests you, why not come here me at the TDWI Executive Summit in Boston?

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