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New Article on IIBA – Questions and Answers about Decision Modeling

by | Mar 12, 2014 | Decision Management, Decision Modeling

As a follow-up to the IIBA Webinar on Integrating Decision Modeling into your Requirements Process, James Taylor, CEO Decision Management Solutions, answers questions from the webinar Q&A.

Is decision modeling considered as a technique in requirements process?
Yes – decision modeling is a technique that lets you explicitly document the decision making you need in a solution using a simple yet powerful notation that decomposes the decision-making into more manageable pieces, tracks the information involved and clearly identifies where the decision-making know-how is coming from.

How do we eventually document this information? and What are common helpful tools for decision modeling?
The best way to document decision models is using a decision requirements diagram and supporting documentation that describes each element. It’s an emerging space so the tools available are changing rapidly but you could check out our product DecisionsFirst Modeler or IBM’s BlueWorks Live.

For more questions and answers, or to watch the webcast, read the full article on IIBA here.


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