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LIVE EVENT: Using an AI Captain to Navigate Digital Transformation

An ocean of possibilities.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship recently completed a transatlantic trip to North America, completely unattended. It was able to achieve this feat with the help of an AI captain, a virtual decision maker on board to ensure safe travels through ever-changing and often dangerous conditions.

Join us November 2nd for an informative session about the project and the lessons you can take away as you navigate your own digital transformation journey. Our experts will share how you can use intelligent decisions to streamline any process to help your employees focus on the real mission at hand.

Some examples include:

  • Enable faster responses and processing of requests
  • Reduce time required to onboard customers, process payments, or adjust claims
  • Provide more personalized interactions, targeted offers, and pricing
  • Detect potential fraud and evaluate risks
  • Ensure compliance with corporate and industry mandates

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1:30 Arrival
1:45 Introductions
1:50 Mayflower Project Presentation
2:20 Mayflower Project Tech Overview
2:30 How an AI Captain can Help your Organization
3:00 Customer Presentation
3:55 Wrap up

Read more about the project here.


About our Speakers

Lenny Bromberg

IBM Director of Product Management, Decision Management and Automation Intelligence

Lenny is the Program Director for Automation Intelligence and Decision Management at IBM. He has been championing the virtues of decision management for nearly two decades at clients across the globe and has previously served as the Worldwide Sales executive for IBM Automation before moving into product management. Leveraging his technical education in computer science and electrical engineering, Lenny has worked in many aspects of the decision management (e.g. business rules) space, including application delivery, project management, technical sales, sales, and now product management.

Ryan Trollip

Decision Management Solutions Partner and CTO

Ryan is a Founding Member and Chairman of Decision Automation Org and has spent his entire career focused on delivering value through automation, over 25 years of experience in leading business automation delivery, and more than 15 years of specialized overseeing and building decision automation services practices and software. These practices delivered large, complex decision automation solutions. Ryan is currently a Partner and the CTO at Decision Management Solutions and has previously served as the head of Enterprise Architecture, Advisory consulting (Business Architecture), and Decision Management Practices.


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