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Live Event: Decisions First: Embedding Analytics in Customer Engagement Processes

by | Feb 25, 2013 | Big Data, Decision Management

Gagan will be speaking at Data Informed´s Marketing Analytics and Customer Engagement on “Decisions First: Embedding Analytics in Customer Engagement Processes” on Monday, June 24, 2013. Here is the description of the talk:

Organizations are trying to exploit advanced analytics and abundant big data for competitive advantage, but with limited success. One key reason is that most implementations are still approaching the problem as a data problem – to be solved and then somehow used to enhance customer engagement processes. This will not work anymore.

Decades of system development projects have conditioned us to write out our process models and our data models for coding our systems. We dump out data from these systems into reporting systems, data warehouses, etc with a lot of effort spent in creating perfect dashboards. Adding advanced analytics to this reporting infrastructure will not improve the core customer engagement processes – unless you are ready to code those systems over and over again. 

A new class of systems are available now. These Decision Management systems combine advanced analytics, business rules and optimization techniques to make the organization more agile, adaptive and analytical. But you need to start with considering Decisions first. What offer should be made to this customer? What is the next best action that can be taken for this customer that maximizes value for the organization and the customer? Using Big Data as fuel, these systems can then transform customer engagement processes – rapidly and with minimal disruption. 

Join us in this session to learn how real world organizations are using a Decisions First approach for harnessing the power of Big Data and Advanced Analytics.

You can find more information and register here.


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