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Join Us at DecisionCAMP 2021: The Annual Event for Business Rules and Decision Management Practitioners

by | Aug 20, 2021 | Business Rules, Decision Management, Events, News

This year, three of us from Decision Management Solutions will be at DecisionCAMP. We hope you can join us! Charlotte Dekeyrel will be presenting “How Decision Modeling Reduces Complexity in Regulated Industries.” Ryan Trollip will be co-hosting a session with Jan Purchase called “Expand the Pie with DMN Conformance Clarity.” And our CEO James Taylor will be speaking as a panelist in the interactive discussion session, “Ask a Practitioner.”

Every year, DecisionCAMP explores topics such as the current state of Decision Management, real-world business rules, machine learning, and optimization technologies within modern enterprise architectures and the latest advances in DM standards, tools, and capabilities. This year’s focus will be on Intelligent Decision Services. You’ll learn how different Digital Decisioning Platforms can integrate business processes, business rules, decisions, advanced analytics, and events into modern enterprise architectures for the common goal of better business decisions. Other topics at the event will include: decision microservices, decision explanation, testing, and execution, business rules discovery, and decision optimization.

The event is organized by the folks at For more information and to register for free, please visit the event website.


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