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IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) is a powerful decision management platform that streamlines decision authoring and editing, with enterprise-grade features such as a traceability, simulation, versioning and auditing. IBM ODM helps organizations build precise decisions that help organizations increase efficiency, manage compliance, and improve operational agility.

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Key Features

Simplicity and ease of management

Take advantage of interfaces that enable you to quickly author, develop and test decisions.

Support for complex decisions

Leverage Operational Decision Manager for your most demanding applications.

Built-in testing and simulation

Use testing and simulation capabilities to help validate business logic against well-defined usage scenarios and key performance indicators.

Flexible deployment options

Deploy on OpenShift®, Certified Kubernetes, app servers, embedded in Java code, on compute grids, z/OS or SaaS.

Role-based permission management

Enable stakeholders to participate in authoring, updating, deploying and managing rules.

Built-in governance process

Scale business decisions using built-in governance and change management capabilities.

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