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IBM Decision Manager Open Edition, designed to streamline critical rule evaluation, can easily manage the execution of thousands of rules, enabling organizations to eliminate bias, reduce costs and increase workforce efficiency for an optimized decision process.

By offering different implementation options, ranging from business-friendly models such as Decision Model and Notation (DMN) to highly flexible rules with advanced real-time decision-making and complex event processing, this solution provides you with a holistic, intuitive and simplified decision automation strategy.

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Key Features

Developer-centric tools

Get started quickly by using familiar tools such as VSCode boosted by IBM tools, for easy ways to maintain and test decision models. Additionally, improve productivity and optimize the development cycle with a modern runtime and ecosystem by using hot-reload features to modify source codes and evaluate the effects on code and decisions in real time.

Flexible architecture

Build decision services based on your business needs. Run IBM Decision Manager Open Edition on premises or on hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures while relying on architecture best practices, automation capabilities and outstanding performance. Make the most of different public cloud services and easily transition between them when necessary for a better, more cost-effective offering or to meet compliance requirements.

Cloud-native automation

Build highly scalable, reliable and flexible business applications on the cloud or on premises according to your business requirements. Eliminate the complexity of container orchestration by using platforms such as Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform and Kubernetes. Improve runtime and cut costs by reducing resource consumption with the lightweight, high-performance design of modern runtimes and rely on the power of Java to deliver serverless decision solutions.

Effortless development with code generation

Automatically generate domain-driven APIs based on customized decision models to focus on core business rules and providing quality experiences to developers.

Simpler integration for decision services

Choose the dynamic design options that best meet your business requirements. Take advantage of event-driven architecture to allow decision services to respond instantaneously to events, without the need for additional integration code. Or, invoke rules in a predefined order by orchestrating a rules flow derived from BPMN model. This architectural flexibility results in clear separation of domains plus independence of development teams. The design aligned with recommended practices for microservices provides better maintainability of the solution.

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