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Harness Data-Driven Decisions with Decision Management

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Business Intelligence, Decision Management, Decision Modeling, Predictive Analytics

Get out of the reporting quagmire, be explicit about decision making with decision modeling and integrate analytics in BI and operational systems.

We’re Not There Yet

“The activities of analytics teams and the investments made to support them aren’t in sync with what executives expect or desire.”
International Institute for Analytics, February 2017

“If analytics does not lead to more informed decisions and more effective actions, then why do it at all?”
Forrester analyst Mike Gualtieri, February 2017

Reporting is Getting in the Way

For most organizations, there are too many reports that don’t serve a clear goal. IT resources are bogged down managing reporting and the link from reports to decision making is not well understood.
Consolidate Reporting to Improve Decision Making.

Decisions Are Poorly Understood

Organizations make thousands of operational decisions every day:  pricing, approval, offers, regulatory compliance, fraud detection, etc. But most of these decisions are buried in software code and policy manuals, poorly understood and sometimes even contradictory. What does that cost the bottom line?
Implementing Analytics? You Need Decision Modeling and Business Rules.

Leverage BI to Create “Pull” for Predictive Analytics

To get “there” – better data-driven decisions – from “here” – traditional BI reporting and dashboards, leverage decision modeling and modern BI platforms. Decision modeling streamlines dashboards and provides the “pull” for predictive analytics. Modern BI platforms incorporate basic (and expanding) advanced analytical capabilities that can quickly demonstrate business value.
Decision Modeling for Dashboard Projects.

Frame Analytics in a Business AND Deployment Context

An “analytics-driven decision is the finished product*”, so start with decision modeling. Decision modeling defines the business AND deployment context.
Framing Analytic Requirements with Decision Modeling.

It’s More Than a Technique

Decision modeling and the DMN notation are straightforward, but the approach involves a significant shift in how organizations think about business architecture, information systems and requirements. Decision Modeling with DMN.

Harness Data-Driven Decisions with Decision Management

Being explicit about decision making using decision management and decision modeling enables organizations to fully capitalize on data and analytics for data-driven decisions. Contact us to learn more.

*The Analytics Supply Chain by Thomas H. Davenport and Zahir Balaporia



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