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From BI to Predictive Analytics with Decision Centric Dashboards

by | Mar 7, 2017 | Business Intelligence, Decision Modeling, Predictive Analytics

Many organizations are keen to improve data-driven decision making with predictive analytics but they are trapped by operational demands for traditional BI reporting and dashboards. They are asking how do they get “there” – better data-driven decisions – from “here” – traditional BI reporting and dashboards.

This challenge is readily addressed with decision modeling and modern BI platforms. Decision modeling streamlines dashboards and provides the “pull” for predictive analytics. Modern BI platforms incorporate basic (and expanding) advanced analytical capabilities that quickly demonstrate business value.

Since dashboards are intended to support decisions, a decision model is ideal for designing dashboards that support data-driven decision making. The graphical decision model:

  • Clearly defines project scope and requirements in business terms.
  • Builds consensus and collaboration between IT, business and analytics teams.
  • Reveals where analytics will deliver the most value.

Traditional dashboard projects often focus on the data that “need” to be displayed, resulting in a clutter of information that detracts from effective decision making. Decision-centric dashboards cut through this clutter and deliver better data-driven decision making.

If your organization is trapped in the reporting tarpit, and you are interested in implementing a decision centric dashboard that incorporates analytics, Contact Us today.

To learn more, download 5 Steps to Streamlining Reporting for Better Data Driven Decisions and Decision Modeling for Dashboard Projects.


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