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Decision Management Solutions provides solutions and services that help organizations make more data-driven decisions by applying advanced analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), business rules, and supporting technologies.

As our name would imply, we are a leading solution provider and professional services firm focused exclusively on decision management. This focus on decisions – our DecisionsFirst™ approach – is central to helping our Global 500 clients solve their most pressing business problems. It ensures they maximize the value of business rules products and it’s super-effective at applying machine learning and similar technologies to improve business operations. One of the keys to our DecisionsFirst approach is Decision Modeling using the industry standard Decision Model and Notation (DMN).

Twice a year we offer classes open to the public where attendees can learn about the foundations of Decision Modelling with DMN, how to Operationalize their Machine Learning through Decision Management and an advanced class on how to model and normalize decision tables.

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Class Summaries

Operationalizing Machine Learning with DMN

Week of October 3, 2022 

At this workshop, you will gain a deep understanding of the concepts and methods involved in operationalizing machine learning to deliver business outcomes. This workshop focuses on the elements of a machine learning project that define and scope the business problem, ensure that the result is useful in business terms, and help deliver and operationalize the machine learning outcome. Learn more or register.

Decision Modeling with DMN Live Training

Week of October 10, 2022

A hands-on course for analysts and architects developing decision requirements based on the Decision Model and Notation (DMN) standard for reporting, business rules analysis, BRMS implementation, predictive analytics requirements, business process optimization and decision-centric dashboard design. Learn more or register.

Decision Table Modeling with DMN

Week of October 17, 2022 

You will learn the concepts, objectives and application areas of decision tables for business analysis and business process management. You will see how to model and normalize decision table models and how they can simplify business processes. Mainly you will get many lessons from a long experience on how to build, analyze, verify and optimize decision table models according to simple guidelines. Learn more or register. PrerequisiteDecision Modeling with DMN or experience with decision modeling.