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Streamlining the Complexity of Claims with Decision Management Solutions

Insurance claims management is a complex business. Customers want their claims processed and approved quickly. Insurance providers need to manage risk, improve scalability, retain institutional knowledge when staff changes, reduce overhead costs of management, and comply with myriad government regulatory requirements.

To optimize operations and meet all of their compliance requirements, many insurance companies have a goal to increase the percentage of claims that can be processed and adjudicated with no human decision-making involved. In other words, increasing their rate of straight-through processing.

Drawing from lessons learned from our customers, Decision Management Solutions and FICO will share how organizations can:

  • Simplify the management of the decision-making capability by automating it
  • Visually provide clarity and elicit valuable knowledge from working with decision models
  • Clarify the What and Why when streamlining and automating the decision making

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Ryan Trollip

CTO and Vice President of Services of Decision Management Solutions

Ryan Trollip is CTO and VP of Services for Decision Management Solutions. Ryan has over 20 years in consulting leadership and has been leading decision management implementations for over 15 years overseeing and building decision automation systems and products.

Scott Horwitz

FICO Sr. Principal Consultant

Scott has been with FICO since 1989 and has nearly unmatched experience and technical expertise in outfitting insurers with the right solutions for their needs. Scott is dedicated to creating a better customer experience that also enables insurers to understand their prospects and policyholders in a

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