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Comparing Deployment Models for IBM DMOE (Drools) and sizing for best performance

Based on extensive real-world performance testing and architectural patterns, Decision Management Solutions will walk you through the options available for decision automation. We will discuss the difference between cloud native and traditional application servers (e.g. Red Hat JBoss EAP) deployments and their performance.

Key highlights:

  • Gain insights through a detailed comparison of community and IBM Decision Manager Open Edition versions such as Kogito Cloud Native with GraalVM Native, Kogito Cloud Native with JVM, traditional application servers, Spring Boot.
  • Discover the art of selecting the deployment strategy that best suits your business needs, enabling informed decisions based on strengths and capabilities.
  • Acquire valuable guidance on aligning decision automation with specific deployment requirements to achieve optimal performance.

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Location: Virtual

Entry: Free Event

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Ryan Trollip

CTO and Vice President of Services of Decision Management Solutions

Ryan Trollip is CTO and VP of Services for Decision Management Solutions. Ryan has over 20 years in consulting leadership and has been leading decision management implementations for over 15 years overseeing and building decision automation systems and products.

Kishan Kumar

Software Engineer

Kishan is a Software Engineer with Decision Management Solutions.

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