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IBM Think 2023

Advance your business imperatives with cutting-edge technology and expertise

  • Speed and scale with open hybrid cloud.
  • Agility and security with resilient infrastructure.
  • Growth and sustainability with end-to-end solutions and services.
  • Act today, prepare for tomorrow with quantum computing.
  • Quality and efficiency with AI and automation.

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Event Details:


Location: Loews Resort at Universal Studios 6601 Adventure Way Orlando, Florida

Cost: $1499 - $1899 (contact us to learn how you can save money on your pass)

Meet the Team:

James Taylor

CEO Decision Management Solutions

Decision Management Solutions is led by James Taylor. James has over 20 years experience in developing software and is the foremost thinker and writer on decision management.

Ryan Trollip

CTO and Vice President of Services of Decision Management Solutions

Ryan Trollip is CTO and VP of Services for Decision Management Solutions. Ryan has over 20 years in consulting leadership and has been leading decision management implementations for over 15 years overseeing and building decision automation systems and products.

Ashton DeKeyrel

Director of Marketing and Channels

For the last 15 years Ashton has partnered with some of the leading global technology companies and developed and executed aligned channel and marketing campaigns. She comes from the world's leading hospitality college and has created flagship events around the world.

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