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Driving Business Value from Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI: New Webinar on Digital Decisioning

The International Institute for Analytics (I’m a faculty member) recently hosted me for a webinar on Digital Decisioning: Driving Business Value from Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and AI. In the webinar I discussed the opportunities and challenges of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), introduced Digital Decisioning – it’s value, principles and how to deliver it, and showed how Digital Decisioning is a great way to get value from more advanced analytics. A few key tips:

  • It’s easy to spend money on AI and Machine Learning
    It’s much harder to deliver value
  • Digital Decisioning delivers the value of AI
  • There are three Critical Success Factors for Digital Decisioning
    • DecisionsFirst Thinking – Think about decision design first to build a decision model and drive practical innovation
    • Mix and Match Technology – Business rules, machine learning and AI working together under a decision umbrella, deployed as a decision service
    • Continuous Improvement – Analyze decision-making to drive business learning and focus on gradual improvement

The webinar recording is available on the IIA site at

I’d also like to thank Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer of IIA who gave me a great quote for my new book Digital Decisioning: Using Decision Management to Deliver Business Impact from AI.

James has been at the forefront of decision management techniques for years
This book updates James’ proven decision management fundamentals to account for today’s world of artificial intelligence and ever broader need for automated decisions
Anyone trying to automate and embed analytics to support decisions should read this book