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DecisionsFirst Analytics in Forbes

by | Oct 18, 2018 | AI, Decision Management, Decision Modeling, Predictive Analytics

Joe Decosmo, CAO of Enova Decisions and someone we know from our work at the International Institute for Analytics wrote a nice piece in Forbes today – Why You Should Take A Decision-First Approach To Analytics. Joe makes some great points in his post and leads off with a shout out to the Decision Management Manifesto. Like us, Joe believes that decision modeling is the critical missing piece in most analytics projects.  Experience is that only an understanding of the operational decisions that drive your business, especially those about your customers, can frame and position your analytic, machine learning and AI efforts for success. We are working with companies all over the world to help them implement digital decisioning and effectively apply analytics, ML and AI. Our DecisionsFirst approach has proven itself repeatedly. As Joe says,

“A decision-first approach to analytics will guide wise investments and, with the help of digital decisioning technology, set up businesses for long-term success”

If you are interested, we have a whole page on this topic – check out our Chief Analytics Officer page at You can also contact us to schedule a free consult, see a demo of our approach and discuss how we can help you succeed with analytics, DecisionsFirst.


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