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Decision Modeling and IBM Operational Decision Manager

IBM yesterday announced that Operational Decision Manager v8.10 (ODM – IBM’s Business Rules Management System) will be available in December and will support decision modeling. This is great news as it will bring the Decision Composer functionality IBM has been developing into the main business user interface for ODM, Decision Center. We’re big fans of decision modeling, so we are always pleased to see more support for it from vendors.

We already offer support for using our DecisionsFirst approach (and DecisionsFirst Modeler) with IBM ODM (details on our ODM page) and we have a prototype integration with Decision Composer ready to go. In the coming weeks we’ll post a First Look on Decision Composer (over in the Product News section of my blog) and talk more about how we see DecisionsFirst Modeler, decision modeling, Decision Composer and business rules working together. If you want to stay up on all the developments in this area, subscribe to our DecisionsFirst Digital Transformation Newsletter.