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Decision Management Systems Use Cases – Report Excerpt

by | Feb 5, 2013 | Business Rules, Decision Management, Platform Technologies Report, Predictive Analytics

Here is an excerpt from our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report on Use Cases:

There are many compelling use cases for Decision Management Systems. Any time an organization must make a decision over and over again and where the accuracy or consistency of that decision, its compliance with regulation or its timeliness are important, Decision Management Systems can play an important role.

Organizations can often spot such decisions by including a decision requirements step in their enterprise architecture framework and then looking for decision words such as determine, validate, calculate, assess, choose, select and, of course, decide. For instance:

  • Determine if a customer is eligible for a benefit
  • Validate the completeness of an invoice
  • Calculate the discount for an order
  • Assess which supplier is lowest risk
  • Select the terms for a loan
  • Choose which claims to Fast Track

These decisions have certain characteristics that make managing decision logic, optimizing trade-offs and embedding predictive analytics valuable. It is useful to categorize decisions into various types, though some decisions include characteristics of several types. For instance:

  • Eligibility or Approval—Is this customer/prospect/citizen eligible for this product/service?
  • Validation—Is this claim on invoice valid for processing?
  • Calculation—What is the correct price/rate for this product/service?
  • Risk—How risky is this supplier’s promised delivery date and what discount should we insist on?
  • Fraud—How likely is this claim to be fraudulent and how should we process it?
  • Opportunity—What represents the best opportunity to maximize revenue?
  • Maximizing—How can I use these resources for maximum impact?
  • Assignment—Who should see this transaction next?
  • Targeting—What exactly should we say to this person?

Read more in our Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report.



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