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Version 8, Update 1

Organizations are adopting a new class of operational systems called Decision Management Systems to meet the demands of consumers, regulators and markets because traditional systems are too inflexible, fail to learn and adapt and crucially cannot apply analytics to take advantage of big data. Decision Management Solutions conducts ongoing research on the increasingly robust technology platforms available to build this new class of system. Directed by James Taylor, CEO, this report covers Business Rules Management Systems, Predictive Analytic Workbenches and Optimization technologies used alone or in combination to build custom Decision Management Systems as well as in-database analytics and other analytic infrastructure that can be used to maximize the effectiveness of predictive analytics.

This is the eighth version of this report. The Decision Management Systems Platform Technologies Report is a set of documents describing the best practices and technologies for building Decision Management Systems.

All readers should begin with Introducing Decision Management Systems as it gives an overview of the category, technologies and rationale. Business and technical readers can continue with Uses Cases for Decision Management Systems and Best Practices In Decision Management Systems.

Technical readers are recommended to read the five Key Capabilities documents (Managing Decision Logic With Business Rules, Embedding Predictive Analytics, Optimizing and Simulating Decisions, Monitoring and Improving Decisions and Modeling Decisions) to better understand the component technologies of Decision Management Systems. Selecting Products For Building Decision Management Systems will be useful as part of assessing technology needs.

For information on vendors and products, First Looks are posted to under Product News as they are completed.

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    All 9 documents can be downloaded as a ZIP file: Decision Management Systems Platform Technology Report

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