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Decision Management #decisionmgt Buzz 10/8/2012

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Big Data, Business Rules, Decision Management, Predictive Analytics

It was great to see the FICO Decision Management Awards announced on October 1, 2012. These rewards recognize outstanding use of predictive analytics and decision management technology. Congratulations to Fiserv, Interbank, President’s Choice Bank and Universal American. James was a member of the selection panel.

In the Twittersphere, Brian McDonough ‏(@briantheanalyst) at #OOW12 tweeted “Oracle RTD sessions describe real business value derived from implementing decision management best-practices at Dell & Room Key,” adding “#decisionmgt IBM says DM is a combo of rules and predictive analytics. Don’t forget collaboration.” Definitely!

Ronald Damhof ‏(@RonaldDamhof) at #SASFNL2012 tweeted “First session started at SAS pre-forum. Decision management & governance receive a good amt of attention.” Great!

James’s blog post From Decision Support Systems to Decision Management Systems got a lot of tweets and commentary. Sparkling Logic’s Carole-Ann Matignon wants Decision Management and Decision Support Systems to merge and Cheryl Wilson over at IBM’s Good Decision! blog posted a great summary table and added to the integration discussion.

I liked Julie Hunt’s (@juliebhunt) guest post on Pervasive’s blog on basing more marketing decisions on data and analytics. Ya Julie!

Neil Raden (@neilraden) over at Competing on Decisions talks about Decision Management on Steroids. Neil ponders how the ability to extract meaning and sentiment from previously unconventional data sources may reorient the role of business rules.

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