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Decision Automation Delivers Digital Business

by | Oct 1, 2017 | Decision Management, Decision Modeling, Digital Business

Decision Automation is what makes a business process truly digital. Organizations generally begin by digitizing their data. Then the business process of moving that data through the organization is digitized also. But until the decisions in the process are automated the full value of a digital business cannot be realized.

If the process must stop and wait for manual decisions then real-time digital channels cannot be supported. Customers will be frustrated waiting for a response, transactions will be delayed and risk management will be reactive instead of proactive.

Decision modeling, business rules management systems (BRMS) and advanced analytics together provide the proven platform for decision automation.  Decision modeling is the critical technique for decision automation. A BRMS provides the flexible and agile platform needed to automate decisions. And predictive analytic or machine learning technology ensures this automation is driven by data and analytic insight.

Decision Automation does not mean 100% automation of 100% of decisions. Often some decisions must still be using decision support systems. Decision modeling clarifies the automation boundaries, ensuring effective collaboration between people and enterprise applications.

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