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Customer Treatment Decisions Create Dialogues

by | Nov 6, 2017 | Decision Management, Digital Business, Marketing

Marketers are most effective when they can engage their customers in an ongoing, interactive dialogue. It gives them time to develop a relationship, time to establish the likes and dislikes of an individual, and time to build awareness of their brand and their product’s value proposition. Developing and conducting a dialogue with customers has far more value than a one-way message stream from marketer to customer.

Today’s multi-channel environment makes sustaining a customer dialogue difficult, because customers interact with so many different channels. Most marketing organizations have not yet established an effective dialogue with their customers across channels and across time.

A good customer dialogue develops over time and across channels. Along the way, marketers make many decisions about how to treat customers – what to say next, what to offer and how to respond to inquiries. When marketing programs manage “customer treatment decisions” systematically and in a way that truly engages customers, a dialogue quickly develops and the customer relationship expands.

Customer Next Best Action

Customer Next Best Action programs are an effective way to optimize customer treatment decisions and develop customer dialogues. Customer Next Best Action programs create a dynamic view of the customer that automatically customizes the next best action for each individual customer interaction.  Traditional upsell or cross-sell campaigns are based on segmentation or one-size-fits-all campaigns that don’t deliver the desired personalized experience, the improvement in customer lifetime value (CLTV) or the reduction in churn that is possible with a Customer Next Best Action program.

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