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Collaboration Announcement on Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN Book

DMNBookFrontCoverWe are pleased to announce a collaboration with LuxMagi on a new book, Real-World Decision Modeling with DMN. The book is being written by leading decision modeling experts James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions and Jan Purchase, founder of Lux Magi.

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“A well-defined, well-structured approach to Decision Modeling (using the OMG international DMN standard) gives a repeatable, consistent approach to decision-making and also allows the crucial ‘why?’ question to be answered—how did we come to this point and what do we do next?” said Richard Mark Soley, Ph.D., Chairman and CEO, Object Management Group, Inc. ”The key to accountability, repeatability, consistency and even agility is a well-defined approach to business decisions, and the standard and this book gets you there.”

This comprehensive book will provide a complete explanation of the decision modeling technique and the DMN standard and of the business benefits of using it. Full of examples and best practices developed on real projects, it will help new decision modelers to quickly get up to speed while also providing crucial patterns and advice for more those with more experience.

“We have used decision modeling on many projects and have taught over 800 people decision modeling with DMN,” said James Taylor. “Business analysts, process analysts, developers, data scientists and subject matter experts have all found it an accessible yet precise way to describe critical business decisions. We want to bring this breadth of perspective to the book to help companies and individuals successfully adopt this powerful technique.”

“The power of decision modeling to capture, communicate and facilitate agile improvement in even the most complex of business decisions has been pivotal for our clients in their efforts to remain compliant and demonstrate compliance with rapidly changing financial regulations,” said Jan Purchase. “We would like readers of this new book to benefit from our experience of applying decision modeling pragmatically.”

Real-world Decision Modeling with DMN will be available in print and Kindle versions. To learn more and to sign up to be notified when it is published, visit