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CEO James Taylor Named 2021 IBM Champion Innovator

by | Jan 25, 2021 | News

We’re pleased to announce that Decision Management Solutions CEO James Taylor is among 735 members of the 2021 class of IBM Champions. As a six-time honoree since 2016, James was selected for his excellence and expertise as an innovative thought leader in the technical community. IBM Champions help companies innovate and transform digitally with IBM products while also sharing their expertise through activities like user group events, forums, articles, blogs, podcasts, videos, and more.

As part of this esteemed community, James will continue to share his deep knowledge and experience in the area of Decision Management, and help grow the community of professionals who are focused on delivering digital decisioning.

IBM recognizes James as an IBM Champion for his efforts to promulgate the unique and innovative DecisionsFirst™ approach to digital decisioning, which is at the core of the Decision Management Solutions methodology. Within this highly practical and innovative framework, subject matter experts engage directly in building decision models that help drive increased user engagement and enable data-driven decisions. Always keeping the focus on the business problem to be solved, the DecisionsFirst approach combines artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and business rules to create reusable components and provide business users with control over the process. The system is designed for continual improvement and is easily adaptable to the changes in the decision-making process. Decision Management Solutions’ DecisionsFirst approach has been successfully used by thousands of global organizations across multiple sectors—insurance, finance, healthcare, and more.

We’ll keep you posted about James’ upcoming IBM-focused events and publications. Meanwhile, check out these resources:

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You can learn more about our DecisionsFirst approach by reading some of our white papers or watching videos on our YouTube Channel.


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