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Business Friendly Data Mining with Decision Management

James gave a presentation a while back on Business Friendly Data Mining with Decision Management.  James writes in “Dealing with the age old barrier to analytics – business understanding:”

Patrick over at Figurs sent out a newsletter that highlighted an article from 2010 Biggest Barriers to Business Analytics Adoption: People. The article highlighted the people and organizational issues in adopting business analytics and #1 was “Lack of understanding of how to use analytics to improve the business”. While it’s been a while since this was article was published, it was great to be reminded of the issue of business understanding as this remains a critical challenge to adopting analytics, especially more advanced analytics.

Business Friendly Data Mining focuses on decision discovery and on the effective modeling of repeatable decisions to build business/analytic/IT understanding and collaboration. A focus on decisions-first and an overall decision management framework helps you build the right models and increases the odds of a successful implementation by understanding how the models will need to be implemented. We have used this approach with a number of projects now and found that it fundamentally changes how the data mining team sees the problem and creates new opportunities for collaboration.