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BPM Institute Live Training: Decision Management and Business Rules 101 San Francisco

by | May 19, 2014 | Decision Management

Live Training as part of Brainstorm San Francisco

Decision Management and business rules allow the effective automation of decision-making combined with increased business agility. Adopting decision management and business rules technology improves customer service, enables 1:1 marketing, increases straight through processing and more effectively leverages scarce resources.

This course delivers a proven and standards-based approach to identifying, understanding and automating business decisions. With examples drawn from a variety of industries and use cases, this course emphasizes the modeling of decisions and the importance of managing both decisions and business rules over the long term. In addition the course shows how effective decision management simplifies and improves business processes, explains how business rules management systems add value and outlines multiple approaches for identifying suitable decisions. Decision management and business rules have been shown to dramatically improve business performance and this course introduces the key best practices to delivering successful decision management and business rules projects.

Details here and register here. Early bird expires May 24.

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