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BBC 2016: Building a Modern Business Architecture

At the recent Building Business Capability 2016 conference, Gagan Saxena, our VP of Consulting, and Andrew Ray of Goldman Sachs presented on building a modern business architecture – one that connects design (business at rest) to operations (business in motion). A perfect architecture would provide an organizing framework that synchronizes:

  • Business Strategy
  • Business Operations
  • Business Organization
  • Business Systems
  • Business Performance

Legacy business architecture is  focused on “business at rest”. Documents are developed and published but they are not model-based, making it hard to keep a business architecture “alive” as systems are developed and evolved. Performance monitoring and learning is often dumped as deadlines loom and what is learned is often not fed back well enough.

A Modern Business Architecture


Instead you want a model-based approach to support business in motion. These models tie directly to implementation, allowing the data captured in motion to be linked to the models and used to improve them. Decision models (DMN), process models (BPMN), data models and models of metrics or performance as a minimum.

Key benefits of the model-based approach include:

  • A focus on models not documents has increased agility and transparency while reducing time to value.
  • Use of BPMN and DMN engages the business and frees technology to focus on engineering problems.
  • DMN’s ability to trace from executable logic to a logical design to the original regulation allowed for compliance and allowed regulatory/policy knowledge to be automated in decisions.

Register to receive a copy of the presentation here. If you are interested in adding a decision architecture to your existing business architecture, or develop a model-based architecture, Contact Us.