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Ask James Taylor About Automation

by | Feb 18, 2021 | Decision Management, Events, Marketing, News

It’s a golden opportunity to ask James (our CEO) your questions on the topic of DECISION AUTOMATION! Here’s how: Next Friday morning, tune in to the live show on IBM ExpertTV, where James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, will be answering your questions about automation.

In this new series by IBM, host David Jenness asks experts on automation a couple of questions in a prerecorded segment called, “Two Questions About Automation.” Then they go live together and open up the questioning to the audience to ask the expert more questions.

To attend, first register for free access to IBM ExpertTV here. Once confirmed, simply log in to the platform, go to “Episodes” and search “two questions” in the search bar to pull up all the recorded episodes, or search for “James Taylor” and get the links for James’s segment.

The prerecorded part will air for the first time at 11:00 am EST. Then at 11:10 am EST the show will go live for your questions. See you there!


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