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Aragon Research: Decision Management Platforms

Jim Sinur of Aragon Research just released a new report: Decision Management Platforms Sharpen Decision Outcomes for Enterprises

An organization’s ability to execute superior decisions will be a huge differentiator in today’s ever-changing business environment. Currently, enterprises are faced with the challenge of making faster decisions, despite the limited skill base to assist more frequent and increasingly complex decisions.

While decisions can benefit from Decision Management Frameworks (DMF) [See our blog post on Jim’s Decision Management Frameworks report], Decision Management Platforms (DMP) offer additional benefits, such as the inclusion of business information and DMF technical dimensions.

This research note defines and outlines the Decision Management Platform (DMP) to help organizations make better decisions. The DMP acts as an enterprise guide for prevalent decision journeys, while enhancing decision outcomes under a variety of circumstances.

Jim’s report makes the point that with more data, more complexity and less time to decide, organizations must invest in a platform that offers better support for automate decision-making -whether that’s complete or partial automation. He emphasizes the need to coordinate and orchestrate multiple technologies – we call this a virtual decision hub and our approach to this caused us to be recognized as a Hot Vendor in Digital Business Platforms by Aragon Research in 2017. Jim also emphasized the importance of continuous feedback and improvement as well as the need to put everything into context. The report outlines Jim’s thinking on these topics as well as the Decision Management Journey.

Jim’s bottom line is that Decision Management is going to matter increasingly moving forward and it’s time for companies to start assembling and investing in a Decision Management Platform to support it.

Subscribers to Aragon Research can get the research here and there’s a recorded webinar available here.