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AI Readiness Assessment

Moving From Buzzword to Business Value

Artificial Intelligence has become a buzzword and umbrella term that companies use to show they are “technologically advanced.” There are always new ways to spend money on AI bit only a few proven approaches that generate business value. 

Identify Your Pressure Points

While there are many potential applications of ML and AI, there are some common pressure points where AI can make a real difference. The pressure points in the diagram below are common business problems. Applying AI to these problems creates potential value, as long as you can do so while considering regulations, ethics, company values, privacy and more. 

Identifying the ML and AI investments that will make a difference to day-to-day operations and then deploying and managing them effectively is how most organizations will make money from AI.  Experienced practitioners who can help you leverage an AI decisioning platform and decision modeling will get you to value quickly.

AI Readiness Assessment

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