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How an AI Captain can help you navigate your operational challenges

We’ve been taking a close look over the last few months at the innovation of the Mayflower Autonomous Ship and how its AI Captain relates to your business. 

As the world emerges from the shadow of the pandemic, business operations have been impacted in many ways. Yet the basic truths of business operations remain –  you need to deliver fast, and effective, and efficient business operations while reducing risk. Customers, business partners, suppliers, and employees all want rapid responses, increasingly in real-time. Your growing need to do more with less puts a premium on efficiency. Yet the reality of business operations risks remain – compliance risk, customer experience risk, supply chain and delivery risk, credit risk, insurance risk, and many more. Navigating these operational challenges can feel like being adrift in a small boat on a rough sea.

The Mayflower Autonomous Ship and its AI Captain can show you how to navigate these challenges. The ability of the AI Captain to understand its environment, predict upcoming challenges and decide on the appropriate action to keep moving towards its destination exemplifies the power of autonomous decision-making systems. This webinar will show you how the technologies behind the Mayflower’s AI Captain are being applied by your peers to address operational business challenges across every industry. You’ll learn how to find the operational problems an AI Captain can address, how the approach drives down risk while improving efficiency, and just how fast you can achieve these kinds of benefits.


  • The Mayflower Autonomous Ship and its AI Captain
  • The role of an AI Captain in your business
  • The benefits of a Business AI Captain – lower risk and improved efficiency
  • Real-world examples from attendees
  • An action plan to develop your own AI Captain
  • Q&A


  • James Taylor, CEO Decision Management Solutions
  • Ryan Trollip, CTO Decision Management Solutions


Have a technical colleague who’d be interested in a deep dive into the technology behind the AI Captain? Why not encourage them to register for the technical session on September 16th?

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How an AI Captain can help you navigate your operational challenges

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