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Decision Management Solutions partners with leaders in digital decisioning technology and services around the world. Interested in partnering with us?

Platform Partners

Decision Management Solutions is an IBM Business Partner. We are uniquely focused on the IBM software for digital decisioning, leveraging our DecisionsFirst™ approach to maximize the ROI and minimize the time to value of investments in IBM Operational Decision Manager and Cloud Pack for Business Automation. We specialize in helping existing IBM ODM customers modernize their development practices and have worked with large IBM ODM customers in North America and around the world. We’re also helping IBM customers adopt Automation Decision Service (ADS) and integrate machine learning with their rule deployments. 

As Decision Management specialists, we’re uniquely positioned to help clients adopt FICO’s Platform. Clients integrating FICO’s business rules, predictive analytic, machine learning and optimization solutions benefit from our DecisionsFirst approach to keep the focus on business problems. We help FICO Blaze Advisor customers apply decision modeling and take advantage of FICO Business Outcomes Simulation. 

As a Red Hat business partner, we help companies leverage open-source business rules technology from Drools to Red Hat Decision Manager and Kogito. Our focus on business outcomes and on decision modeling with the DMN notation helps clients migrate from writing technical rules to developing business-centric, model-driven applications that take advantage of Business Central. 

InRule’s support for .NET and Javascript execution and its integration with and Microsoft Dynamics 365 offer customers some unique value propositions. Our DecisionsFirst approach delivers this value faster and more effectively than traditional rules-centric analysis approaches. Plus our approach identifies clear use cases for AI and machine learning, letting companies take advantage of InRule’s XAI Workbench. 

Decision Management Solutions is focused on decision automation and we help DataRobot customers effectively apply the AI Cloud to deliver true Decision Intelligence. Our DecisionsFirst approach puts AI into a decision context so it can be deployed with Decision Flows and deliver explainable business benefit quickly. 

Based in the Netherlands, SuperGraph combines decision modeling, big data, predictive analytics and cutting-edge research in machine learning and AI to deliver improved decision-making to customers across Europe. 

Consulting Partners

Our consulting partners work with us to extend our reach and enable us to better support our global customers. Our consulting partners include: 

BCS is based in Germany and specializes in standards-based enterprise modeling and business architecture using DMN, BPMN and other establish frameworks. 

LuxMagi is based in the UK and specializes in mentoring companies to successfully apply business rules, decision modeling, and decision automation to investment banks and other financial institutions. 

TechBlue is based in Pittsburgh and Washington, DC, and specializes in improving organizational performance, especially in government. 


Decision Management Solutions’ CEO James Taylor has been a faculty member of IIA since its early days. We provide expert advice to clients through IIA and collaborate on various research topics. 

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