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3 Important Decision Modeling Use Cases and More Decision Management News

by | Sep 30, 2015 | Decision Management

From our September 2015 Newsletter

Decision Modeling is an important new approach with many powerful use cases.  I’d like to highlight 3 uses cases shared by participants in our recent Introduction to Decision Management and Decision Modeling with DMN online training courses. We saw a lot of interest in the training this time and the Decision Modeling with DMN course sold out. Some attendees  were expanding their teams while others are getting started with decision modeling.

1. Straight Through Processing by Successfully Adopting & Deploying a BRMS

This first group are focused on how to successfully adopt and deploy a business rules management system (BRMS) – often in the context of driving straight through processing. Decision modeling using the DMN notation helps specify the context and structure of the decision to be automated with business rules, ensuring that a coherent solution can be developed. It ensures all the sources of rules are correctly identified, helps manage the vocabulary those rules will need and clarifies how the rules-based decision and the overall process will interact. By modeling and automating the decisions involved, the overall process is simplified and can be more effectively automated. Learn more in our white paper, Maximizing the Value of Business Rules.

2. Increasing the Business Value of Analytics Investments

The second group are working on effectively applying advanced analytics, especially data mining and predictive analytics, to their business. They have realized that simply analyzing data and hoping that will help the business improve is not enough – that they need to describe the decision-making they are planning to improve. Decision Modeling lets them frame the requirements for their analytics in terms of the business decisions to be improved and the business value this brings. Download our white paper, Framing Analytics Requirements, to learn more.

3. Modeling Process AND Decisions to  Improve Business Understanding

The third group are really focused on understanding their business. They have seen the value in describing their business in terms of process – what work flows through the business, who is responsible etc. But they realized they don’t describe how decisions are made. They are looking to decision modeling to document how they make decisions, perhaps so those decisions can be automated but mostly to ensure they are made consistently and accurately. Read more in our white paper, Decision-Led Process Innovation.

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