Decision Management Solutions offers consulting services ranging from strategic advice about adopting Decision Management to tactical support for successful implementation projects. Specific offerings include:

  • Business Rules
    • Maximizing the value of a Business Rules implementation
    • Expanding Business Rules Success
    • Vendor selection
  • Data Mining and Analytics
    • Accelerating and expanding deployment of Data Mining and Analytics
  • Business Process Management
    • First steps in adopting Business Rules, Data Mining or Analytics
    • Decision-Centric Business Process Management
  • Decision Management
    • Decision Management adoption
    • Decision discovery
    • Building a Decision Management competency
    • Technology selection and adoption

Decision Management Solutions CEO, James Taylor, is also an experienced keynote speaker.


Decision Management Solutions also offers services for vendors of Decision Management software such as product launch support, product marketing and management and speaking and representation.

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If you missed our Decision-Centric Dashboards with DMN presentation at BBCcon 2014, download the white paper!

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4 Key Benefits of Integrating BPMN and DMN
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Online Training: Decision Modeling with DMN
Starts January 6, 2015

Live Event: Case Study: University of Maryland, Decision Modeling for Predictive Analytic Projects
Predictive Analytics World, San Francisco, March 31, 2105

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