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    James is an experienced keynote presenter, speaking on analytics, decision management, business rules and more. Here is speaking at IBM's premier CIO event, the CIO Leadership Exchange, on the topic of analytics:

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    He also hosted a panel discussion with the CIO of Lufthansa and the CTO of Bank of America:

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    Thank you again for your participation and support of our CIO Leadership Exchange. Your session really created a buzz and was a wonderful way to end our Day 1. Your presentation was very well received - the perfect stage setter for Bank of America and Lufthansa- and your facilitation of the conversation was really well done!
    Karla Bousquet
    Director, Client Executive Marketing, IBM

    James also opened BI 2010 in Johannesburg, speaking on the topic "Does BI Matter?" Here's James' presentation with audio. Over 80% of the audience rated the relevance, content and presentaiton excellent or good putting it in the top 3 for the conference as a whole. As the chair of the summit put it:

    In a world where best practise and latest trends are a Google away, the success of any conference depends on fresh ideas and different thinking. In his keynote at the recent BI Summit in Johannesburg, South Africa, James Taylor provided exactly that. His challenging presentation helped to ensure that BI really does matter, and prompted all delegates to consider the rest of the content against the important backdrop of decisions that influence business success. James illustrated his talk with relevant in-depth examples, case studies and personal experiences, and his conversational style set the tone for a successful and enjoyable two days.
    Bill Hoggarth
    Chair – ITWeb BI Summit and Awards, February 2010

    James is experienced at speaking to non-native English speakers. Here he is at an IBM event in Paris speaking to a French-speaking audience using French slides to match his live translation into French. (Video)

    James has given keynotes at a number of other events, including the Business Rules Forum. In his most recent Business Rules Forum keynote, given without slides, 60% of attendees gave it the highest rating they could overall with more than 60% also giving it the highest score for relevance and speaker quality. Comments included:

    • Examples were great!
    • Great presentation. Thanks for focusing on the material and not PowerPoint slides.
    • Tremendous presentation. Very informative & kept everyone’s interest.
    • Great stories, great guidance and insights.

    James is also an experienced interviewee, able to give high quality responses in near real-time, as in this example from a Teradata event:

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    If you are interested in hiring James to speak at your event, please contact him directly



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