Decision Management Solutions specializes in helping organizations build decision-centric, action-oriented systems and processes using an approach of decision management, business rules and advanced analytic technologies. Decision modeling is the cornerstone for developing requirements for these next generation systems and processes. Our complete set of training, consulting and decision modeling software eases implementation and ensures long-term success. Our collaborative decision modeling software, DecisionsFirst Modeler, is based on the new Decision Model Notation (DMN) standard. 

Our clients are leading organizations in insurance, banking, manufacturing, telecommunications, travel and leisure, health management and retail. Read our client case studies and client testimonials to learn more about how decision management is helping companies transform their business.

For software vendors, Decision Management Solutions provides strategic advice on product strategy and roadmap, independent validation of solutions, product reviews and independent market research. Read more about our white papers, research and our vendor testimonials.


Decision Management Solutions is led by James Taylor, the leading expert in Decision Management and Decision Management Systems.




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4 Key Benefits of Integrating BPMN and DMN
Missed the webinar? Watch the recast!

Webinar: Making the Best Decisions Possible with Enterprise Decision Management
February 19, 2015 with the International Institute for Analytics (IIA)

Live Event: Case Study: University of Maryland, Decision Modeling for Predictive Analytic Projects
 March 31, 2105, Predictive Analytics World, San Francisco, CA

Live Event: A New Approach to BI Requirements - Breakout Session, Track Analyze & Interpret
April 20-22, 2015, PASS Business Analytics Conference, Santa Clara, CA

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